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Global Partners

Family Business Partners

FBN benefits from direct support of leading family businesses. This allows us to continuously fund essential projects and communities, in particular for the Next Generation, Now Generation, the Entrepreneurs Community, Polaris, etc.  It offers unique content and brand positioning opportunities for families who become FBN Family Business Partners, in the respect of FBN Code of Conduct.

Content Partners

FBN seeks to partner with leading content organizations who demonstrate long-term support for families in business and to develop jointly with them cutting-edge content and learning activities for our members.

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Donors Families

FBN benefits from direct support of member families.  This allows us to continuously fund essential projects in particular for the Next Generation and Polaris, while protecting FBN’s unique safe space. Several families have already committed to join two funding programs supporting FBN and its activities.  We would like to recognize and thank them for their invaluable contribution and dedication to the FBN community.

Family Partners

  • André & Rosalie Hoffmann

  • Chavalit Frederick Tsao

  • Forbes Marshall

  • Anonymous

Polaris Circle of Impact

  • Alfonso Libano Daurella

  • Chavalit Frederick Tsao

  • Wates Foundation

Circle of Friends

  • Antonio Gallardo Ballart

  • Alfonso Libano Daurella

  • Sella Family

  • Scheufele Family, Chopard

  • Anonymous

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