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Family Business in the Age of Transparency: Making the Invisible Visible

Transparency is a concept that is now used extensively in today’s world, often to fight unethical behaviors, and as a way to foster or even restore trust.

What does it mean for business families, when many of them promote discretion and live by the motto: “to live happily, let’s hide away”? When should we “make the invisible visible”, and when not?


The Summit will explore this fascinating contemporary theme, looking at different contexts for transparency and visibility: the business family itself, the individual, and society.

The Summit program is designed by families for families, offering inclusive, innovative, and tailored programming for all generations, roles, and interests. It will delve into the theme of transparency with inspiring keynotes, in-depth case studies, small group discussions on difficult topics, and Community Labs.

Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the full program & many more surprises! 😉

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