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Sach Chandaria

Program Committee

Sach is a 5th generation member of a multi-generational family, with interests in leading global businesses, which began from modest origins in East Africa over a hundred years ago. The family‘s core focus has been on nurturing entrepreneurial talent, by providing very patient capital, active strategic inputs, and broad operating latitude. Following a major family succession crisis, Sach has focused his efforts on building a platform to bring to market a new form of art: dynamic art that is connected to and reacts to human emotions measured in real-time.


Sach also serves on the boards of the Harvard Club of Switzerland and the advisory boards of Katalysen & Partners, The Raba Partnership, Musha Ventures and Marcena Capital.


On the philanthropic front, Sach is a founding member of the Casa Laxmi Foundation (which is seeking to build a revolutionary new kind of boarding school), and currently sits on the boards of ERFIP, a spin out from the Rothschilds Foundation, the Family Enterprise Foundation, Internews Europe, and most recently was appointed to the board of FBN International.


Sach was born in Kenya and grew up mostly in North America. He is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland prior to which he spent time in Singapore, Shanghai, and Nairobi.  He completed his MBA at the Harvard Business School and a BA in Political Science at the Brown University.



Sach Chandaria
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